About Us

We as Derebey logistics team; We are doing our transport business in TR by transferring our reluctance from our grandfathers, our reluctance to our new generation, and our mechanics, from the 1960s to the present day.

Our team has served as the most important custodian of transport, logistics support to the trade made in Europe, Russia, Central Asia countries and Turkic Republics which is over 50 years old. Your value is our value.

Our vision: As Derebey Logistics, we have a vision of a goal-oriented vision that clearly indicates where we are going and how we will get there.

We continue to develop our position as a global market leader in transportation and logistics solutions by taking a complement of leading logistics solutions in the Europe - Middle East region. In order to achieve this vision, we constantly look for new possibilities in the framework of our goals, develop ourselves and take advantage of acquired experiences. For this reason, we make up a significant part of our vision in the form of attracting the best employees on the services we offer.

Our mission; our capabilities are geographically active, our logistics solution partner is to meet the needs of companies and then apply innovative approaches to create the most benefit at the least.

Our quality policy; it is our greatest quality approach to pass on the "just in time" approach as a service provider to your value, and to contribute to our customers' customers and their permanent business. We follow a number of institutions, such as non-governmental organizations, government agencies, departments of related departments of universities, institutions reporting international mobility, EU road mobility platform, which we regularly follow or are members of. We are informed to our customers on issues related to the mobility of our business, and therefore your goods, and we are ready to make the necessary adjustments / developments.